Ultra Light

Feels like flying! The VELLO bike is
the lightest folding electric bike of its class.

Starting at 9.9kg for non-electric and
12.9kg for electric VELLO bikes.
Also available in super light titanium

Fast & easy folding

Fold and unfold your VELLO bike within
just a few seconds.

Easy folding to make it 4 times smaller
thanks to the patented folding mechanism.
Take it with you everywhere,
store it smoothly to keep it safe from theft.


Great features create a unique riding experience. Signature hinge-free design for maximum stability, safety and driving dynamics.


Going uphill is fun. Going downhill generates energy!

The motor supports you whenever you need it. The kinetic energy recuperation system
uses surplus energy to recharge your battery.

If the display is RED, energy is consumed.
If it is GREEN, the battery recuperates energy.

Hidden Power

The motor hub is an all-in-one technology
with integrated battery pack, 4 sensors
and bluetooth connection.

Speed up to 25km/h with the 250 W motor.
Ride for an unlimited number of km
in self-charging mode or up to 50 km
in turbo mode.

Find Your Vello

VELLO bikes comes in various models. Check out our four top-sellers.
Which ones fits best to you?


With its Shimano Deore XT 10-speed bike components the Rocky is made to smooth out the jolts of the city jungle.


The ultra-light racing-bike components deliver an aerodynamic riding experience. Winner of the RedDot Award: Best of the best.


VELLO Bike+ is the first self-charging electric folding bike. It gives you the extra power whenever you need it: steep ascents, quick acceleration, headwinds.


Our superlight electric VELLO with a titanium frame and equipped with the self-charging technology.

11.9 kg
250 W, up to 16 mph
250 W, up to 16 mph
Multisize, unisex, chromoly steel
20 Schwalbe Marathon Reflex 40-406
20'' Schwalbe One Tube Type Performance 28-451
20 Schwalbe Marathon Original 40-406
20 Schwalbe Kojak, 35-406
9.9 kg
13.9 kg
12.9 kg
H: 22inches, L: 31inches, W: 12inches
H: 22inches, L: 31inches, W: 12inches
H: 22inches, L: 31inches, W: 12inches
H: 22inches, L: 31inches, W: 12inches
Multisize, unisex, chromoly steel
Multisize, unisex, chromoly steel
Multisize, unisex, titanium main frame, chromoly steel