The product designer Valentin Vodev made it his life’s calling to develop a high-performance urban folding bike that makes mixed-mode commuting easy. In preparation for a trip to Cuba, he designed the first prototypes of the VELLO bike in 2009.

Through the support of Impulse, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, Valentin was able to perfect the VELLO bike with a team of product developers and manufacturers. After developing, testing and optimizing the folding mechanism over a period of four years, the VELLO bike became ready for production. He teamed up with Valerie Wolff to launch the product on the market in 2014. VELLO bike was brought to life thanks to the support of our early adopters over the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Matthias Nocker (product manager), Nikica Livancic (bike mechanic), Robert Sykora (chief bike mechanic), Valentin Vodev (designer & co-founder), Valerie Wolff (business development, co-founder)