Setting up and using the Bitride app

Folding and unfolding the VELLO bike:

Folding the VELLO bike:

  1. Turn left hand crank arm so that it points to the front

  2. Fold the pedals

  3. Unscrew the clamp on the front forks

  4. Remove the safety pin located by the forks (push the release button at the end of the pin to remove it)  

  5. Place your foot on the rear axle, left hand on the saddle and right hand on the handlebar

  6. Turn the handlebar stem towards the body so that the front wheel is positioned at a 60° angle to the right (direction body)

  7. With a gentle tug, lift the saddle while keeping foot on the rear axle – it will open the magnet suspension.

  8. Swing the rear wheel to the front and fold the front fork at the same time

  9. Make sure the magnet clip snaps together between the fork and rear fork

  10. Open the quick release on the clamp of the stem, lift handlebar upwards as much as possible, turn 90° and glide back in. Close clamp.

  11. Open the quick releases on the handlebars and pull out the end of the handlebars

  12. Open the clamp on the seat post and slide it in


VELLO daypack:


VELLO front carrier:


VELLO kickstand:


VELLO light transport bag:


VELLO mudguards:


VELLO smartphone holder: