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VELLO wins the German Sustainability Award for Design 2022


Viennese folding bike manufacturer and mobility provider VELLO GmbH wins the German Sustainability Award for Design 2022.

Folding bikes are part of the sustainable mobility solutions for cities: in a few simple steps, a VELLO bike can be folded and easily transported into the train and stowed away. As an ultralight folding bike, VELLO bike is part of an intermodal transport concept and easily handles riders' everyday routes. The electric VELLO Bike+ with its highly efficient energy recuperation thanks to Formula 1-tested K.E.R.S. technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) ensures a theoretically infinite range. VELLO can thus offer solutions for a car-free and green future, showing that a sustainable mobility revolution can be combined with award-winning, functional design.

More Informationen on the German Sustainability Foundation (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V.) here.

VELLO_GEWINN-Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerbs 2021

VELLO wins the GEWINN Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2021 / Environmental Technology Category


A high-calibre jury chaired by Minister of Economics Margarete Schramböck and Minister of Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler selected VELLO bike as the winner in the Environment/Environmental Technology category. The award sends a strong signal from politicians that innovative bicycles are part of the sustainable mobility of the future.

More information on the Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2021 of the Austrian business magazine GEWINN can be found here.

VELLO_GEWINN-Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerbs 2021



VELLO invites you to a presentation and cocktails as part of the Vienna Design Week.

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK - 29th September 2021

Venue: Vienna, Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 58-60

VELLO at the IAA Mobility


VELLO presents mobility for urban areas for the first time at the IAA Mobility trade show.

IAA Mobility, Munich - 6th until 12th of September 2021

Venue: Munich Exhibition Centre, Booth B6-C45

VELLO presents Rohloff Special Edition at EUROBIKE 2021


At EUROBIKE (1.9. to 4.9.- Booth A3-207) and the IAA, International Mobility Show (7.9. to 12.9. - Booth B6/C45), VELLO will present the new "VELLO Rohloff Special Edition”.

With the presentation of this new model, Rohloff and VELLO have forged their very first collaboration. Known for being the ultra-light, self-charging folding bike from Vienna, VELLO has won several prominent design awards and will now be equipped with an additional high-quality, low-maintenance component from Rohloff.

The name Rohloff stands for durable, sustainable products ‘Made in Germany’. With a mileage of over 450,000 km, the 14-speed internal gear hub has an overall gear range of 526%.

The Rohloff Speedhub in combination with VELLO’s belt drive and sleek look makes this Special Edition a true signature design piece.

The VELLO Rohloff Special Edition will be available in limited supply in spring 2022. It will be equipped with the Rohloff Speedhub 500, an eye-catching 14-speed internal gear hub.

Presented at the EUROBIKE 2021, Stand A3-207 from 01-04 September 2021.

The first foldable Gravel Bike - VELLO presents a World Premiere at Pro Days, Paris (18-20 July) and Eurobico, Frankfurt/Main (24-26 July)


At this year's Pro Days in Paris and EUROBICO in Frankfurt/Main, VELLO presented a world premiere - the VELLO Gravel! The Viennese folding bike manufacturer manages to combine the best of two bicycle worlds in one product: the flexibility of a folding bike with off-road features for maximum sport performance on gravel roads! Come and visit us! Find alle the details and specifications of the new VELLO Gravel here >>

PRO DAYS: 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris. STAND A04
July 18-20: Sun. from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mon. from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tues. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

EUROBICO: Messe Areal Frankfurt / Main. 24-26. Juli

VELLO launches crowdinvesting campaign


We are setting new standards in e-mobility with our revolutionary lightweight folding e-bikes with energy recuperation (K.E.R.S). The VELLO Bike is a product created with passion: thanks to a very successful crowdfunding campaign a few years ago, the VELLO was launched and the founding team made their dream come true. Now there is again the opportunity to invest in VELLO - with 6.5% early bird interest rate and a voucher of up to EUR 600!

Read more here:

THE LATEST INNOVATION IN E-BIKE TECHNOLOGY! GEN.2 is here and available on our online shop!


As of 2021, our lightweight foldable Bike+ is equipped with the brand-new GEN.2 motor. This compact, all-in-one rear hub weighs in at a mere 3,2 kg, packed with new features and even more power than before. Under braking or when pedalling backwards, you effectively recharge the motor. This is the most efficient energy recuperation mechanism on the market.

The GEN.2 motor can be used with the smartphone or remote control. For those quick pitstops on your journey, remote locking and a motion alarm provide you with peace of mind. GEN.2 comes as standard with turbo mode (for up to 50 km) and an extra boost function, so that you never have to miss a green light again.

The most important upgrades to the predecessor GEN1 motor at a glance:

  • Better and more reliable bluetooth connection thanks to the latest bluetooth technology
  • 50% more torque
  • Electronic locking via app for better theft protection
  • Integrated real-time diagnostics function and direct customer support in the app
  • 10% more battery for the same size and weight




Visit us at AUTONOMY DIGITAL - The International Exhibition for Sustainable Mobility Solutions from 4-5 November 2020. Register for free and experience a digital trade show. We are looking forward to seeing you there digitally!

More information here.



Design Fair Blickfang


Visit us at the DESIGNMESSE BLICKFANG at the MAK - Museum of Applied Arts 09-11 October We are looking forward to you! #VELLOBIKE

MAK Vienna | Weiskirchnerstrasse 3 | 1010 Vienna
Click here for the security concept:
blickfang tickets are only available online. For visitors* without online payment options we have a small limited number of tickets available at the box office. We are looking forward to your visit!

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VELLO Bike+ reviewed: foldable e-bike charges itself

© Thomas Prenner


The foldable e-bike Vello Bike+ comes from Austria and theoretically promises infinite range. We have tested it.

by Tobias Prenner | 16.07.2020 

The times when e-bikes were recognized as such at first glance are over. Today, electrically assisted bikes come in many different shapes and are lighter and more compact than ever.

Especially small and handy are folding bikes. The advantages are obvious: With a few simple steps, they can be folded up, put in almost any lift or stowed in the trunk. You can (and may) also take them with you in public transport at any time of day.

The Vello Bike+ is a bike from Austria with an electric motor. Apart from the folding mechanism, a special feature is that, thanks to recuperation during the ride, it also charges itself in certain situations. The futurezone could test the pedelec in everyday life.


Visit futurezone for more details on the test!




VELLO showcases three folding bicycles at VDF products fair

Vello is showing three of its folding bicycles at Virtual Design Festival's products fair, including Vello Bike+, which is "the first bike to combine electric, self-charging and folding features" according to the Austrian brand.

In addition, the Vienna-based company is spotlighting its original lightweight folding Vello Bike and a model with racing-bike handlebars designed for a speedy commute.

The bicycles are now live at the VDF products fair, which has been developed as an affordable way for designers and brands to launch products.

Vello Bike for VDF products fair
Vello is showcasing three of its bicycles at VDF including the original Vello Bike (above) and electric Vello Bike+ (top)

Led by industrial designer Valentin Vodev, Vello develops bicycles specifically for city dwellers to offer solutions for the challenges of cycling in urban environments.

The brand is showcasing its original Vello Bike at the products fair, which features its signature ultra-light bicycle frame, which can be folded into a portable body in five seconds.

Speedster by Vello for VDF products fair
The Speedster model for road racing is also on show at the fair

The electric edition, named Vello Bike+, is also on show, which is the "first bike to combine electric, self-charging and folding features" according to the brand.

Speedster is the final model on show at the fair, which has been developed specifically for people who prefer a quick commute and features racing-bike style handlebars to put the rider in a more aerodynamic position.




VELLO Bike by Valentin Vodev 

VDF products fair: Vello Bike is an ultra-light bicycle developed by Valentin Vodev, which can be folded into a portable size in seconds.

Vello Bike was developed by Austrian product designer Vodev for his bike brand Vello, which specialises in bicycles suited to the needs of city dwellers.

Its key features include 50-centimetre-wide wheels and a folding mechanism that is hinge-free, and instead reliant on a magnetic connection that doubles as the bicycle's suspension.

This design ensures that the bike is lightweight and that it can be easily folded into a "small portable companion" within five seconds.

"The bicycle combines innovative technologies and a unique design to offer solutions to known urban challenges, for example, problems switching between bike riding, car and public transportation, and theft protection," explained Vello.

"In just a couple of seconds, it can be carried into public transportation, loaded in the car, or taken on an airplane, and folded for storage in the apartment and office."


Product: Vello Bike
Brand: Vello
Designer: Valentin Vodev
Contact address: